Our Story

Victoria & Destinē

We are creativity driven, dream chasing women!

As we began the journey making these products we saw the light in people’s eyes when we told them about what we do and what we use to compose our candles. All of our products are made BY HAND!

We spend our time putting love in all that we provide to our lovely family of consumers. We got the idea to make this candles because we're like candle addicts 😩 any chance we get to use one we light it. Sometimes I think we have a minor obsession.

With every obsession, one yearns for the best of the best! You know how it is, you want the best candle, that has a phenomenal scent throw to fill your room and it MUST blend well with your home decor.

With all of these dreams of the perfect candle, we just could not find the right product. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. And we came up with something BRILLIANT 😍!

We use the finest materials! We pride ourselves from start to finish with clean production. Our candles are 100% natural soy, poured into renewable heavyweight glass containters, and capped off with a bamboo top. I could go on for days with our enviornmental notes, but let's get into it.

Join us on this amazing journey and partake in the LOVE CHILD we have created with our items and hopefully you get as much use for them as we do!

Peace and Love ❤️